Measures distance and velocity (bi-directional). Especially suitable for bulk solids level applications and beam-intrusion detection applications.  Very narrow beam angle and fast response speed!
Several models available with beam angles from 1.5 to 4 degrees, 50m range.

  range:  1-50m
  accuracy:  distance +/-2cm or 1%  (*),
                   velocity +/-2cm/s or 1%
  response time:  from 60ms
  enclosure: dual chamber aluminum, sealed
  mounting: 3in threaded or flange
  pivot mount: available as standard
  antena: lens-horn,from 1.5"  to 8" diameter
  electrical supply: 24Vdc, 0.5A
  process connection: 4-20mA current loop, RS485 multidrop,
                                 or RS232

Sales (N.America):

S&M Process Control Technology Inc. (**)

1668 Lakehurst Rd.(Buckhorn),
R.R.1 Lakefield
K0L2H0, ON, Canada
cellular: +1-705-7612168
Skype: stanbleszynski,

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*) - may be more, depending on application type
**) S&M Process Control Technology Inc. is the  authorized distributor for 77GHz radar sensors manufactured by YMS.

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